Over the past two decades, optical amplifiers have become of key importance in modern communications. In addition to this, the technology has applications in cutting-edge research such as biophotonics and lab-on-a-chip devices. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the fundamental concepts, theory, and analytical techniques behind the modern optical amplifier technology.

The book covers all major optical amplification schemes in conventional materials, including the Raman and parametric gain processes. The final chapter is devoted to optical gain in metamaterials, a topic that has been attracting considerable attention in recent years. The authors emphasize analytical insights to give a deeper, more intuitive understanding of various amplification schemes. The book assumes background knowledge of electrical engineering or applied physics, including exposure to electrodynamics and wave motion, and is ideal for graduate students and researchers in physics, optics, bio-optics, and communications.

Publication Portfolio

Malin Premaratne's work is mainly on the theory and numerical methods of light propagation through guided (e.g. optical fibers or optical amplifiers) or scattering media (e.g. biological tissue). Malin's work is defined by the large number of research collaborations that he has with many researchers around the world. Jointly with these colleagues, he has consistently published research findings in high impact factor, highly ranked journals in the Electrical Engineering, Optics or Physics area. More than 75% of Malin's publications are within the top 10% ranked ISI cited journals. Owing to Malin's life-long interests in mathematics, he has had occasional sojourn in other fields such as computer graphics, high performance computing and digital signal processing and has written some interesting papers.