Interest in mathematics and thirst to understand how things work have shaped the life of Malin Premaratne to learn optics and physics in general. Malin is very much fascinated by the power and ability to describe nature through abstract theories such as general relativity and quantum mechanics. However, Malin is aware of the the many subtle things there remains in nature that are intangible and inexplicable. Thus, he continues a journey where he does not see a boundary between hobby and work! In this quest, Malin prefers to do gedanken experiments and build things in virtual spaces of modern supercomputers. Many question the Malin's affinity for everything virtual but he would like to remind to those remain unconvinced the Albert Einstein's quote - Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Research Rationale

Main focus of Malin's research work is to build an intutitive picture of complex systems using simple discriptions/models and mathematical approximations. Owing to the availability of high performance computers and computing-grids, it is relatively easy to numerically simulate and analyze complex physical systems these days. However, often such detailed numerical work (or even similar detailed experimental work) cannot provide a clear mental picture of the dominant processes and provide further insight into the way major interactions shape the system behaviour. Few simple assumptions on the physics of operation, clever mathematical trickery and educated guesses can lead to a substantial understanding of complex systems. Eventually, such understanding will translate to design optimizations, novel designs or new ideas to drive the field. This encompases the rationale behind Malin's research to date.