Malin consider himself a committed, inspiring and responsive teacher who seeks to improve teaching skills by adopting modern technology, concepts and methods. Owing to Malin's extensive research background, he incorporates elements of technical content in his teaching that often motivate his students, exciting them to seek deeper knowledge in cutting edge techniques. Futhermore, due to Malin's affinity with mathematics and science, his teaching content is enriched with insightful models. Malin has been involved in teaching difficult advanced engineering subjects that require a strong background in physics and mathematics. Generally, difficult content translate to poor student ratings. However, based on recent Monash University student feedback surveys, Malin's teaching performances have scored from very good to outstanding. Malin feels that the underlying reason for this high approval rate of his teaching is due to his perception of teaching a privilege, not a burden, inclusion of realistic examples and relevant techniques, and being readily accessible to students.

Teaching Rationale

Malin is fascinated by the power of mathematics in describing and solving engineering problems. It is very clear that better design engineers can be trained by equipping them with stronger mathematical skills. However, mathematics is not a popular subject among engineers and Malin is very interested in learning how to teach mathematics to engineers without sidetracking them from their core training rituals. Would this mean mathematicians are better engineers? Most unlikely! The main reason is that good engineers also have very good intuitive understanding about systems and how they work. Malin believes that having the ability to quickly estimate order of response of a system using "back of envelope" calculations forms the missing ingredient in a purely mathematical toolkit. This means that good engineers know the dominent processes of their systems and how they interact with each other. The key to get this ability is to have a teaching program emphasizing fundamentals, and specific technology is taught as a way to illustrate the applications of fundamentals. Obviously, specific technology must be taught in an engineering program to show the relevance of learning fundamentals and equip students with latest skills.